Quality Assurance Analyst


The general goal is to move Flores forward in the pursuit of quality and consistency by supporting the Account Management team with review, analysis, correction and follow-through to completion on many tasks regarded as "critical success factors". The Quality Assurance Analyst will work in tandem with the Account Management team to assure that several key quality checks are handled consistently. The Quality Assurance Analyst may uncover areas to recommend for account manager re-training. It will be desirable for the Quality Assurance Analyst to build a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual schedule for reviewing specific processes of the business. As a starting point the following items have been suggested by senior management.


  • Annual Allocation Audit Report
  • Pending Transactions for Held Participants
  • COBRA Integrity Report
  • Claims Outside of Enrollment
  • Claims Submitted Past Deadline
  • Claims with Future Dates
  • Generation of Odd Year Renewal Letters
  • Updating of HRA Schematics (need Publisher)
  • Updating Addresses for Returned Mail and Resending
  • Debit Card Substantiation
  • Back Up on Eligibility/Per Pay File Uploads
  • Posting COBRA Payments
  • Funding: Assigning incoming ACH's and wires to clients into BOB site (Daily)
  • Funding: Follow-up on past due invoices resend a std. e-mail with Q.A.A. signature (Monthly)
  • Audits: Documents not entered report (Weekly)
  • Client Set-up: Special Documents/schematics (Quarterly)
  • Make certain that System Integrity Checks are being handled. Indicate items that need to be added, removed or refined in the System Integrity report.
  • Make certain that COBRA/Retiree integrity checks are being handled and indicate additions, deletions or refinements to the reports.
  • Review the Pending Transactions for Held Groups and make certain nothing is being overlooked that needs management intervention.
  • Review the Annual Allocation Audits to make certain that there are no ongoing issues that need to be reviewed. (Deduction date marked as paid which hasn't been, enrolment information that hasn't been updated, etc.)
  • Review the final Balances, invoice payment status, etc. before employer refund checks are sent or final reconciliation of terminating clients is performed.
  • Make certain the debit cards of groups that terminated service are closed.
  • Review the direct deposit changes to make certain the right participant has been entered for the submitted information.
  • Review the contributions posted report each day to ensure everything is in order. (Deduction dates from several months in the future have not been posted, etc).


To perform this job successfully, an individual must possess the following traits and characteristics: detail orientation, strong organizational and prioritizing skills, ability to be flexible and multi-task, high level of personal worth and internal motivation.


Bachelor's degree from a four-year college or university. Accounting or bookkeeping experience is a plus, but not required.


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