FLORES & ASSOCIATES' FSADirect administration service has become the national benchmark for excellence. Through the use of superior service and innovative technology that exceeds the new standard in system design and performance, we have established a reputation as the national leader in Flexible Spending Account Administration.

A properly managed FSA program allows both the employer and the employee a means to save money on out-of-pocket medical expenses and dependent day care expenses. The employee can shelter their contribution from Federal, FICA and State taxes (where applicable) and the employer eliminates their matching payroll taxes. This scenario ensures an extremely cost effective benefit that generates significant employee satisfaction. FLORES provides a comprehensive service that includes plan document preparation, employee education meetings, internet enrollment, discrimination testing, per pay period deduction reconciliation and access to real time account information via the FLORES InfoCENTER.

FLORES' FSADirect service includes these unrivaled components:

  • Straightforward and informative enrollment materials including video
  • Dedicated and proven service professionals
  • Most streamlined and real-time claims processing in the industry
  • Direct deposit of reimbursements
  • Real time internet and Interactive Voice Response access
  • No-wait Dependent Care processing
  • Contribution reconciliation each pay period
  • Use of "push technology" to confirm receipt, entry and payment of claims
  • Real time client reporting using "push technology"

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The bottom line is simply that FLORES has developed the most streamlined FSA process in the industry. It is designed to meet the needs of our clients and their employees - this is why we retain over 99% of our clients from year to year and our business is driven by word of mouth.