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Integrating with Flores

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Many Flores clients choose to send eligibility and contribution by establishing an electronic integration between their benefit administration system and Flores, which helps to significantly reduce the number of manual touches involved in day-to-day plan administration.

An Electronic Data Interface file, or “EDI”, can be used to send Open Enrollment election data, and enrollment changes that occur throughout the year, helping you ensure Flores receives necessary information automatically and in a timely manner. Many clients also choose to send deduction data to Flores by an EDI to assist in streamlining payroll processes.

Flores has successfully established thousands of EDIs for our clients who use a wide range of benefit administration platforms. Flores can accept data by an integration file for all Flores administered plans – FSA, HRA, HSA, QTE, COBRA, Direct Billing, and other Custom reimbursement arrangements. While we do have a standardized file format that we request our vendor partners to follow, we are flexible and can accommodate most other formats if needed.


Is an integration with Flores the right solution for my company?
In general, an EDI will be beneficial for clients with 100+ employees. If you have fewer than 100 employees, you may be able to efficiently manage eligibility and contribution reporting simply using our employer portal. Before moving forward with an EDI, you may wish to discuss this with your Account Manager, as some plans may be best administered with a more involved interaction with Human Resources.
How long does it take to establish an integration with Flores?
The time involved in testing and approving your integration file is largely dependent upon the responsiveness of your file vendor who is sending data to Flores. Most new integrations will take 4-8 weeks to fully implement. The time frame can be shortened if your vendor is especially responsive, or if you are working with one of Flores’ preferred aggregators.

Flores is typically able to provide feedback to a file partner within 3 business days of receiving test data. Your dedicated Account Manager will remain actively involved throughout the file testing process. Once your integration file has passed a thorough list of data quality and logic tests, approval will be provided to your file partner for the integration to be moved to production.
How much will it cost to integrate with Flores?
Flores will not charge any additional fee to your company to participate in thorough file testing with your file vendor of choice, nor will we charge any additional fee for you to send data to us by an EDI. Your file vendor may bill you a fee to assist in developing your export file(s) that will be sent to Flores.
What Type of Integration Can We Establish?
An EDI is the industry standard that suites most of our clients’ needs; however, we also have API capability for certain use cases. Clients and partners interested in exploring an API with Flores are welcome to reach out to their dedicated Account Manager or Business Development partner for further discussion.

Interested in partnering with Flores?

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