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Flores & Associates, LLC was founded in 1986 to provide Human Resources consulting services such as compensation, benefits and selection to a broad cross section of small to mid-sized companies throughout the Southeast. The company has evolved over the last twenty-five years from its Human Resources consulting roots into a national leader in the field of consumer based reimbursement plans. Driven by our mission to achieve complete customer satisfaction and to gain expertise and improve our core competencies, Flores has been uniquely transformed from a generalist organization into a specialty services firm focused on consumer based employee reimbursement programs.

Our goal is to meet the needs of our clients by combining proactive service with leading edge technology. Long before the buzzwords of B2B (business-to-business) and B2E (business-to-employee) were circulated, Flores developed web-based services as part of our commitment to service excellence and in response to client feedback. In our quest for solutions through the use of innovative technology and in partnership with our clients, Flores continues to improve our browser-based systems. The bottom line is that we are in to results not buzzwords. We offer fully-developed, easy to use, interactive systems - not marketing shells. Our mission continues to be complete client satisfaction, and our 99% client retention rate is confirmation that we are on the right path.

Today, we have developed a national client base that numbers over 1,950 companies headquartered in over 33 states serving employees in all 50 states and several foreign countries through the use of our innovative technology. The services that we have developed and implemented for our clients cover the spectrum of Benefits Management and Communication.



Our modern facility in Charlotte, NC on South Church Street in the historic South End District was designed to reflect the bold vision that Flores brings to the clients we serve. The design elements reflect the clean, precise and symbolic nature of our technology that integrates seamlessly with the human element that has propelled Flores to its place as a industry leader. The structures reflect the efficiency, professionalism and individuality that our clients have come to expect from Flores. This LEED Certified Silver facility allows us to showcase our processes, technology and staff. We are proud of our home and we hope that this commitment to our mission is shared by the clients we serve.


The Flores office complex consists of our original 21,000 square foot structure completed in 2010, our 7,500-square foot Fitness Center and our latest 18,000 office expansion christened in 2017, Our staff enjoys a comfortable, collaborative work space that reflects our culture and desire to show we care. Our initial goal of increasing our 'green' approach by building an innovative, Silver LEED building to house our Charlotte staff has transcended throughout the additions we have made to our original structure. Our facilities have been designed beautifully and with the proper attention given to every detail to ensure a positive work environment. The building earned points for its certification by being an infill development, emphasizing natural light, installing solar collectors and including a roof top garden, employee showers and a fitness facility. There was also special attention given to save the large oak trees on the site. Many of the elements used in the interior of the building are made from recycled materials (i.e. cork flooring, sunflower seed surfaces). We are extremely proud of our office complex and the practices that have developed within our firm to give back to our environment.

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