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Will I fit In?
What type of education prepares me for success with Flores?
More than a specific type of education... desire to learn is required. Our college-educated account management staff never stops learning. The proper fit is very important. Candidates with the capacity for learning our business and a desire to grow as a professional may come from all types of educational backgrounds. The ability to speak to large groups of people, conduct business via telephone and e-mail are keys for long-term success and satisfaction. One account manager says, "Being raised with an appreciation for working hard and a passion to do well, allowed me to be successful in school. I was able to attend the business school of a major public university which significantly groomed me to be a successful employee. My coursework in college greatly prepared me for success with Flores. The courses I took that related to accounting and business relations engaged my work ethic and helped train my understanding of business procedures and employer expectations. My communications courses helped hone my interpersonal and relationship skills which are vital to the firm. Also the courses that allowed me to practice my leadership skills helped prepare me for opportunities as an employee."
You will be trained from day one
Training begins... and never ends. Our industry touches on legal, tax and accounting matters with many regulations and laws involved. These ever changing dynamics cause everyone in the firm to be a student. For that reason you will find Flores employees that want to be a part of the firm for many years. If you start with Flores you will want to be committed to your profession. You will have tools and opportunities for growth. Training of new staff is extremely important in the Flores culture. The training process is individualized, detailed, and hands-on. The Client Services Manager coordinates the training for new Account Management staff plus the Senior Account Management staff plays an important role. In our view, the more comprehensive the training, the more quickly the Account Manager is able to become an integral part of the Account Management Team.
Professional development
Flores invests in the on-going training of our employees. Account Managers commonly receive COBRA training and certification as a COBRA Administrator early on. Employees eager to grow in the employee benefits arena pursue their GBA Designation as a Group Benefit Associate through the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Employees pursue designations through the Flexible Compensation Institute, LLC a wholly owned subsidiary of the Executive Council on Flexible Compensation for CFC, Certified in Flexible Compensation and for FCS, Flexible Compensation Specialist. Employees remain current through weekly updates from EBIA Weekly and Flores subscribes to EBIA/RIA Checkpoint as a research tool to assist clients and participants with unique and challenging questions. A new account manager commented, "There is a strong emphasis on continuing professional development. The firm supports and encourages employees pursuing certifications in the field. The opportunity to learn more in-depth about our industry keeps me challenged and motivated."

"As one of the newest members of the Flores team, I have to say that I am continually impressed by the level of quality in every aspect of this company. Having worked for other corporations, I can honestly say that I have never experienced another environment that even closely compares to what we experience here at Flores. From the state of the art, immediate communication with our participants to the support shared among the associates, I am truly blessed to be a part of this team."

- Shared Services Specialist -

"As a member of the management team at Flores, I take pride in being associated with the leader in administration of reimbursement plans. Flores conducts business in a professional, thoughtful, and results driven manner; with INTEGRITY as one of our core values. This 'word' is communicated and displayed throughout Flores, it is a continuous reminder to all of us, that the underlying principle of handling the services we offer with INTEGIRTY is paramount to our success. More importantly, we want our employees to feel that this Integrity has made a positive difference in their future."

- Shared Services Manager -

"After meeting the management team and the employees at Flores, I could not wait to get started. My attitude toward hard work as well as my college degree combined to help me find a company where I can learn and grow for many years."

- Account Manager -

"Flores helps me grow as a professional. The company invests in my training and education. Laws and regulations are continuously changing and Flores shares the resources to help our people stay current."

- Director of Quality Assurance -

"Knowing this business and the competition; it is rare to find a company that stands behind their name. Mission statements so many times are nothing but words on a plaque hanging on a wall. At Flores, our core values are clearly identified and followed. They lead us to our ultimate goal which is service excellence for our clients. The Flores staff works together like a team... a 'well oiled machine'. All of the employees have the same objective of being a trusted advisor and exceeding client expectations."

- Business Development -

"Employees are responsible for managing their client, broker, and participant relationships. By empowering and encouraging employees to develop these relationships, employees have direct responsibility for the overall success of the organization and an increased personal worth and job satisfaction. "

- Account Manager -

"One thing that stands out most to me is the level of respect that resounds across the board. I cannot recall ever working with such an outstanding group of individuals that truly respect their positions, their clients, their associates and their management. It is refreshing to know that a company that exemplifies such respect still exists in our society."

- Shared Services Specialist -

"One of my favorite things about working for Flores is hearing feedback from clients and participants who are genuinely surprised and grateful for the level of customer service we provide. A participant called today and was taken aback by how much we were willing to help her out and continued to talk about how thankful she was. Hearing this feedback and knowing that you are making things a little bit easier for someone else makes it worthwhile."

- Account Manager -

Join our team!

Flores & Associates is an organization that is constantly seeking dedicated, committed client centered professionals. We believe in empowering our staff to make a difference in the way that we deliver our service. Training is provided every step of the way and your professional development is important to us.

We provide a professional, low key environment in which personal accountability, integrity and performance are the benchmarks for success. If you are interested in applying your experience, talent and knowledge in our field of expertise, please select the below link to view and apply for open positions.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Our comprehensive benefit package is a testament of our commitment to our staff and their families. Our Benefit Package includes health, dental, vision, life insurance, Long Term Disability (LTD), Short Term Disability (STD), financial planning, matching 401k plan, and a generous holiday and vacation schedule. Our work/life balance approach paired with our professional environment, keeps our employees both engaged and motivated. Additional benefits enjoyed by our team include free parking, in-house gym facilities that are open seven days a week, company-paid continuing education, company sponsored fitness events, access to our state of the art facility and much, much more!

At Flores we enjoy the companionship of our teammates and are actively involved in our community and with one another through work gatherings and functions. With monthly birthday celebrations, Panther game tailgates, Trivia nights in our employee lounge, company sponsored luncheons, there is always something to look forward to at Flores!

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