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Working with Flores

The Flores better benefits experience starts with unparalleled service supported by an advanced proprietary technology platform and is driven by our commitment to quality and compliance. When you choose Flores, you will be assigned a highly trained professional account manager. Your dedicated account manager will guide you through implementation and offer ongoing support for both you and your plan participants. The Flores proprietary technology platform integrates our Flores247 Web Portal, Mobile app, e-Status notification system, SMS and IVR support tools for a smooth front-end experience for your plan participants with a network of daily back-end support audits and reconciliation processes that ensure your plan data is accurate and compliant at all times.

The Flores Difference

Become A Flores Client

Share Your Employee Benefit Structure and Goals with Flores.
By learning about your current plan designs and future goals Flores can assist you and your broker in building benefit plans to compliment your organization. Request a conference call to explore the possibilities. Our goal is to get to know you and build a long term relationship.


  • The same dedicated account manager for employers and participants
  • Flores247 Employer Web Portal for access to robust reports, enrollment tools, and more for all plans administered by Flores
  • Proprietary technology platform offers flexibility in plan design
  • All calls answered by a live voice
participant website
participant website


  • Dedicated account manager
  • Flores247 Participant Web Portal for account administration and information
  • Flores Mobile App
  • e-Status notification system
  • All calls answered by a live voice

Better Benefits Solutions

We offer a suite of integrated Better Benefits Solutions that are independent from any insurance carrier to give our clients true flexibility in the design of their benefits packages.


An account employees can setup through their employer to save money on qualified health care expenses. Employers and employees experience tax savings when employees participate.

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The life.balanced. Reimbursement Account is a post-tax reimbursement program employers can use to reimburse employees for any category of expenses important to their organization including fitness, adoption and tuition assistance, pet care, personal development and more. What can you imagine?



An account used to save for future medical costs that pairs with an HSA Qualified Health Plan. Contributions, earnings, and disbursements for qualified expenses are tax-free.



An employer-funded account that pays for employer-approved expenses. Employers have the flexibility to design the plan according to the unique needs of their organization.


Pre-Tax Qualified Disaster Relief Account

A pre-tax account employers can create to provide emergency funds, temporary childcare, and help with work-at-home expenses for employees.



We handle monthly COBRA payment collection and remittance as well as COBRA notices. We also administer other direct billing services including Leave of Absence billing and Retiree billing.



An account employees can setup through their employer to save money on daycare expenses for qualified dependents. Employers and employees experience tax savings when employees participate.



The Limited Health Care Flexible Spending Account is an account employees can setup through their employers to save money on qualified dental and vision expenses when participating in a Health Savings Account (HSA). Employers also have the option to allow post-deductible expenses.



An account employees can setup through their employer to save money on parking and/or transit expenses incurred in order to travel to work. Employers and employees experience tax savings when employees participate.

Better Benefits Partner

We work together with employers, brokers, and top industry partners for accurate and efficient enrollment and eligibility updates that save employers time, money and frustration.

“In ten years of working with Flores, I have not had one negative instance when I call in – from the initial live person who answers, to having the option to speak to another client manager in case mine is not available, someone takes my call and works to provide an answer to my problem/need. The knowledge level has been exemplary across the board.”

- Flores Client, Director of HR -

"I can tell you without hesitation to “just do it”.  Moving to Flores is absolutely one of the best decisions we made.  I was concerned about making a move too, but I spoke with three other companies that had glowing reviews for Flores.  I am a believer and can tell you they are the best FSA provider I have ever worked with. Our employees love them, their service team is incredibly responsive, and their accuracy of filings is of the highest level.  I tell people this is a perfect example of the importance of using a vendor that “owns” their space. This is what they do, instead of an “added value” third party offering by someone else.  I can sincerely say, you will not have any regrets."

- Employer -

"I greatly appreciate the extra attention and care you are giving us in what I know is an extremely busy time of the year. I actually had an employee stop by my office Friday to tell me how easy it is to get in touch with you and how helpful you have been – words NEVER spoken (from myself or employees) about our previous HSA, FSA or COBRA TPAs!"

- Employer -

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Ready-to-use tools to help you make the most of your Flores benefits.

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